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Quality School Books that promote Islamic values while fostering exceptional  academic standards 


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Coming Soon Insha'Allah



Developed by a Los Angeles elementary school teacher who is a professional writer and has educated students at an Islamic school for over 35 years

Ø Includes 21 selections that are high-interest supplemental reading resources

Ø Each selection includes worksheets on vocabulary, reading comprehension, literary skills, and composition

Ø Average reading grade level 6.8

Ø  Supports Common Core

Ø Inspires  students with selections of famous contemporary Muslims

Ø Discusses critical topics on interpersonal relationships and life skills, from an Islamic perspective

Ø Promotes Islamic values and builds Islamic character while fostering exceptional reading comprehension and literary skills

Text Includes:

· Vocabulary practice

· Composition prompts

· Sequencing

· Identifying cause and effect

· Drawing conclusions

· Analyzing characters

· Predicting outcomes

· Comparing and contrasting

And much, much more!


Assaalmu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatu my dear parents, teachers and administrators.  

Muslim School Books provides quality academic books for Islamic schools, teachers, parents, and homeschool families. Islamic School Books excite our children about being Muslim. Our Reading Comprehension Books promote Islamic values and build Islamic character while fostering exceptional reading comprehension and literary skills. Our literary texts are high-interest, leveled,  supplemental resources created to help our children want to be Muslim.

Student Text-- $34.99 

Teacher's Key-- $24.99 

Shipping and Handling-- $4.95, (Please add $1.00 for each additional book up to 10 books. Personal quotes will be given for 10 or more books.  FREE shipping and handling for 100 or more books.)

Order Soon With:


Venmo (Only Islamic Schools)

Check/Money Order

Please emai us prior to ordering : MuslimSchoolBooks@GrandmaJeddah.com

Books will be available in June, insha'Allah.

Free Sample Chapter

View, download and copy a free sample chapter of the 6th Grade Reading Comprehension Text.

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