Our Own Muslim Children's Books

Help Your Kids Feel Muslim Proud

So They will Grow to Be Unbowed

Have You Read any Good Books Lately? Try These

The Four Daughters of Yusuf the Dariy Farmer

One of Grandma Jeddah's favorite books! The book is about four daughters who marry for different reasons. It teaches youth the importance of putting Allah's way first. 5th grade up

Mom I'm Stressed! Stress Help for Muslim Teens and Youth

It's not easy being a teen out there in the world! Do you sometimes feel shy around others? Do you feel unappreciated? Do you feel stressed about school? This book is for you, my love. (Found only at www.grandmajeddah.com)

Invincible Abdulllah Series

4-Book set of action packed adventures and thrills  . . . need I say more? 4th grade up

Hinds Hands

A Beautiful short story about a big sister having patience with little sister who is autistic. 2nd to 5th grade

Ramadan Moon

Look Out! Ramadan is coming soon. Experience the beauty and excitement of Ramadan in this lovely book. 1st to 4th

My Special Angels the Two Noble Scribes

Learn about the angels over your shoudlers, Kiraman and Katibin.  These angels write down everything you do.