Quality Academic Books That Promote Islamic Values

Books Include: Comprehension, Critical Thinking, Leveled Texts, Vocabulary Practice, Composition Prompts, and Language Arts 


No Images, No Fantasy, No Magic, No Immorality

Give them stories that will make them proud to be Muslim.

Excellent Supplement to Your General Curriculum


My nieces will be so excited to learn from this. This is an excellent addition to their homeschooling curriculum in sha Allah.

Sister Fareen


As a homeschool mom, I believe it is so important for our children to see themselves and our beautiful way of life reflected in their learning across the curriculum.

Homeschool Mother

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Muslim School Books Reading Comprehension Textbooks

No human or animal images included in books


All reading content reflects Islamic values, culture, and perspectives.

In accordance with the hadith that forbids making images, we choose to use illustrations and pictures that are non-images or incomplete images in our stories.  

Assaalmu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatu my dear parents, teachers and administrators.  

Muslim School Books provides quality academic books for Islamic schools, teachers, parents, and homeschool families. Muslim School Books excite our children about being Muslim. Our Reading Comprehension Books promote Islamic values and build Islamic character while fostering exceptional reading comprehension and literary skills. Our literary texts are high-interest, leveled,  supplemental resources created to help our children want to be Muslim.

Muslim School Books was developed by a Los Angeles elementary-middle school teacher who is a professional writer and has educated Muslim students at an Islamic school for over 35 years

Story Highlights:

Ø Includes 21 selections that are high-interest reading resources

Ø Each selection includes worksheets on vocabulary, reading comprehension, literary skills, and composition

Ø Leveled reading material

Ø  Supports Common Core

Ø Inspires  students with selections of famous contemporary and historical Muslims

Ø Discusses critical topics on interpersonal relationships and life skills, from an Islamic perspective

Ø Promotes Islamic values and builds Islamic character while fostering exceptional reading comprehension and literary skills

Worksheets Includes:

· Critical thinking skills

. Vocabulary practice

· Composition prompts

· Sequencing

· Identifying cause and effect

· Drawing conclusions

· Analyzing characters

· Predicting outcomes

. Inferring

· Comparing and contrasting

And much, much more!


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Muslim School Books Reading Comprehension Teacher's Key


Easy to Use

Pages are similar to worksheets found in student text

Makes Work Simpler

Find answers to worksheet questions easily. No need to guess answers or do personal research for specific answers to problems 

Makes Correcting Work Quicker

Helps you finish correcting your student's work faster. Includes answers for all worksheets which have questions.

Builds Teacher Confidence When Teaching

Teach reading skills more confidently with answers to questions at your fingertips.

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