Quality Academic Books That Promote Islamic Values

New Preschool Kindergarten Phonics Book is Here!


No Images, No Fantasy, No Magic, No Immorality

Educate them with stories that make them proud to be Muslim.

Excellent Supplement to Your General Reading Curriculum. Great Resource for Islamic Schools and Homeschool Moms


My nieces will be so excited to learn from this. This is an excellent addition to their homeschooling curriculum in sha Allah.

Sister Fareen


As a homeschool mom, I believe it is so important for our children to see themselves and our beautiful way of life reflected in their learning across the curriculum.

Homeschool Mother

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Teach Your Preschool/Kindergarten Learners to Read with Phonics


Match letter sounds to pictures that include hijab, niqab, Kaba, masjid, Zamzam well, coofie, miswak, and other Islamic cultural items that help him or her feel comfortable about being a Muslim. 

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We're Your Partners in Educating our Muslim Youth

No human or animal images included in books


All reading content reflects Islamic values, culture, and perspectives.

In accordance with the hadith that forbids making images, we choose to use illustrations and pictures that are non-images or incomplete images in our stories.  

Assaalmu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatu my dear parents, teachers and administrators.  

Muslim School Books provides quality academic books for Islamic schools, teachers, parents, and homeschool families. 

Muslim School Books excite our children about being Muslim. Our Reading Comprehension Books promote Islamic values and build Islamic character while fostering exceptional reading comprehension and literary skills. Our literary textbooks include inspiring and exciting stories that are leveled, supplemental resources for your general reading curriculum. They are designed to help our children want to be Muslim.

Muslim School Books was developed by a Los Angeles schoolteacher who is a professional writer and has educated Muslim students at an Islamic school for over 35 years.

Let's work together as partners in education by teaching our children with academic material that integrates secular studies with Islamic values and tradition.

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Free Sample Chapter

View, download, and copy free sample chapters of the Reading Comprehension Grades 4. 5, and  6 textbooks.

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Pre-School/Kindergarten Phonics


UnIslamic Images Avoided

Our books avoid images that might be offensive to the Islamic way of life, such as musical instruments, wigs, magic, and witches.  

Displays Islamic Related Images

Images reflect your young learner’s Islamic identity. Your student will match letter sounds to pictures that include the hijab, niqab, Kaba, masjid, Zamzam well, coofie, miswak, and other Islamic cultural items that help him or her feel comfortable about being a Muslim.  

Phonics Essentials

This book places a heavy emphasis on oral and written letter sound recognition, the foundation of any strong reading program. 

Inside Textbook

  • · Name upper and lowercase letters
  • · Identify consonant sounds
  • · Identify short vowel sounds
  • · Write upper and lowercase letters
  • · Blend sounds
  • · Write consonants for beginning word sounds
  • · Read cvc word structures
  • · Write missing vowels for cvc word structures

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Textbooks that help them feel good about being Muslim

Kindergarten/1st Grade through 3rd Grade Phonics textbooks coming soon, insha'Allah