All e-Books $19.99 Finish your homeschool year with Islamic themed reading workbooks

Educating our children our way, with our school books

Educating our children our way, with our school books

Educating our children our way, with our school booksEducating our children our way, with our school booksEducating our children our way, with our school books

Let your children read about OUR Muslim Heroes.

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Reading textbooks with an Islamic Purpose

Educate your students with reading books that reflect Islamic values



Wa alaikum assalam sis,

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the books masha Allah! I will spread the word to other homeschooling sisters in Sydney Insha Allah. I’m sure others would benefit too. 

Jazakallahu khairan!

Sujana Kabir


My nieces will be so excited to learn from this. This is an excellent addition to their homeschooling curriculum in sha Allah.

Sister Fareen


Stories Reflect Contributions From Islam's Diverse Ethnic Cultures



As a homeschool mom, I believe it is so important for our children to see themselves and our beautiful way of life reflected in their learning across the curriculum.

Homeschool Mother

Teach Phonics with Islamic Images


Though I don't have students of that age group . . . this phonics book will be a good gift for my daughter to start teaching to her son Ibrahim and I am sure she will be happy to have it 

Principal Parveez Anwar

Alam Islamic School

New Mexico

Look Inside our Books

Please note: All hard copy book have black and white inside pages. All phonics e-books have full color inside pages. 

Please note: The Muslim heroes in our texts and newsletters, both past and present, have flaws--as we all do--but we have chosen to present their stories that represent the Islamically positive aspects of their lives. 

book Phonics Reading Readiness--Take a peek (pdf)


Book Phonics Kindergarten 2--Take a peek (pdf)


book 4 Reading Comprehension--Take a peek (pdf)


book 5 Reading Comprehension--Take a peek (pdf)


book 6 Reading Comprehension--Take a peek (pdf)


Curriculum Development

Educational Standards

Muslim School Books' curriculum does not follow the educational philosophy or standards of any state or country. Our textbooks were developed by a veteran elementary-middle school educator of nearly 40 years who has worked with a diversity of educational pedagogy. The culmination of this expansive and rigorous experience is the Muslim School Books curriculum, an excellent resource for your Islamic school or  homeschool program.

Our curriculum content is researched, and in-class trial tested. We continually evaluate our textbooks to provide superior educational material with an Islamic foundation.


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