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Muslim School Books - Helping our Children Feel Good about Islam

Assaalmu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatu my dear principals, teachers, and homeschool moms.  If you're looking for academic books that focus on non-fiction passages which promote Islamic values and culture, then welcome to Muslim School Books. We provide reading textbooks for grades pre-k/kindergarten, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade that foster a positive Islamic identity. In accordance with the hadith that forbids making images, we choose to use illustrations and pictures that are non-images or incomplete images in our stories. 

As educators, we know the significant impact that any educational system has on it's children. Schools are institutions in which children develop their perspective about themselves, others and the world. Much of this information is conveyed through books. Books are one of the most dominant factors that influence our children's thinking. Therefore, we must develop our own academic books (and curriculum) that deliver to our children academic excellence, as well the lofty morals and culture our religion upholds.  As Muslim elders who are obligated to educate our children from an Islamic perspective, we must take advantage of resources developed to further this admirable goal. 

Our reading selections cover a wide range of topics and provide leveled reading. We include biographies of noble Muslims from the past and famous Muslims of the present. Our stories reveal interesting aspects of nature that provide proof of Allah's existence, such as the life of the honey bee, Other selections discuss critical Islamic topics that effect our youth today such as intoxicants and maintaining good health.

We as Muslim educators and parents want our children to be proud to be Muslims. We want them to maintain their faith, as well. I'm sure as a teacher you may have come across several reading selections in your students' books that you chose to skip over because the content was offensive to the Islamic moral way of life. This is why Muslim School Books is a valuable asset to your supplemental reading materials. 

We hope our books will excite our children about being Muslim--and reading, Insha'Allah. Welcome, again, to a refreshing concept in Islamic education--Muslim School Books!

Why Muslim School Books and Why Now?


Today, our children are learning the value of Muslims and their own self-worth from outside sources. They are bombarded with images and messages that portray them and their brethren in a negative light. 

Traditionally, it has been us--parents, family, schools, masajid--who have conveyed to our young ones the honorable and decent moral traditions of our noble and illustrious Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him.)

Likewise, it has also been us who have passed along the fabulous contributions our nation has given to the world.  Muslim School Books is a continuation of our long-time tradition of personally instilling the glory of our religion and people upon our youth. 

Muslim School Books was developed to provide educational literature in which we formulate and convey our own narrative about Islam and the world to our children. 

Effective Pedagogy


Muslim School Books curriculum does not follow the educational philosophy or standards of any state or country. Our textbooks were developed by a veteran elementary-middle school educator of nearly 40 years who has worked with a diversity of educational pedagogy. The culmination of this expansive and rigorous experience is the Muslim School Books curriculum—an excellent supplement to your core academic program. 

In developing our textbooks, we take into consideration current research and best practices.. Moreover, our educational material focuses on providing for the unique needs of Muslim teachers and their Muslim students.  You can feel confident in knowing that you are using a reading system that develops strong readers, insha’Allah. Muslim School Books is a pioneer in the implementation of the Islamization of education. Will you join us?

Founder of Muslim School Books

Muslim School Books was founded by Grandma Jeddah, an elementary and middle school teacher who has educated Muslim students at an Islamic School in Los Angeles, California for over 35 years. . Grandma Jeddah has educated hundreds of students in grades Kindergarten through 10th grade. 

Grandma Jeddah is also a professional writer who has written dozens of parenting articles for Muslim magazines, newspapers, and blogs, including Sisters Magazine, Islamic Online University, and Productive Muslim. She founded the Discipline without Disrespecting Parenting e-books. 

GrandmaJeddah is a mother of 11, grandmother of 17, and great-grandmother of 1

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Educators, we are elated, thankful, and honored to present to you Muslim School Books reading textbooks. We are so confident your instructors and students will fall in love with Muslim School Books that we offer a 100% money back guarantee!  What are you waiting for? Let's get started helping our beloved youth appreciate their religion while gaining quality reading skills.

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Educational Advisors

Ahmed Ali: Master of Arts in Education

Saleh Ali: Bachelor of Arts, Credentialed Multiple Subject Teacher (Los Angeles Unified School District)