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As you and I know, phonics is a major element in developing strong reading skills that help students grow to become confident readers. Muslim School Books’ Phonics Kindergarten 2 textbook helps primary learners build foundational literacy skills. It is the second book in our phonics series. Phonics Kindergarten 2 provides, listening, speaking, reading, and writing practice activities all in one colorful 172-page textbook. 

As a bonus, Phonics Kindergarten 2 integrates Islamic values into each Phonics lesson. Phonics skills are taught with stories that reflect our Islamic culture. Students read fabulous accounts found in Quran and hadith, such as the story of Ismail and his mother Hajar. 

Inside Phonics Kindergarten 2 Level K:

  • Teach      sound/symbol relationship
  • Reinforce      lessons with cumulative review
  • Enjoy      Islamic cultural images
  • Avoid images      of animals and humans
  • Decode words      introduced in a systematic manner
  • Teach      high-frequency sight words

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This book is the second in a series for kindergarten. Order now