Islamic Based Reading Curriculum That Promotes Islamic Values

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Academic, Islamic, Learning Materials

Pre-School through kindergarten

How to Ignite Your Child's Interest in Reading

40 minute video by Rasheedah Abdul-Hakeem (Certified Reading Specialist MS Ed)

13 Free Islamic Sight Word Readers

A Muslim Child is Born- Blog (By: Umm An-Nu'man)

Islamic Phonics Readers

A to Zam Zam, Yak in the Back, Fun in the Sun, 

Muslim Homeschool Blog (Jamila
Al-Qarnain and Karemah Alhark)

Parenting Tips, Discipline Help

Discipline without Disrespecting - Blog (Grandma jeddah)

Islamic Sight Word Stories for Beginning Readers

Written by:  Rasheedah Abdul-Hakeem (Certified Reading Specialist MS Ed)