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Reading Comprehension Grade 5 Workbook Available January 1, 2019

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Reading Comprehension Grade 6 (Student Edition)


Give your students selections to read that have Islamic values and build Islamic character while fostering exceptional reading comprehension and literary skills

Includes 21 reading selections that are high-interest. The average reading grade level is 6.8. Practice Worksheets Include: vocabulary practice, composition prompts, sequencing, drawing conclusions, comparing and contrasting, and more

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Reading Comprehension Grade 6 (Teacher's Edition)


Easy to Use

Pages are similar to worksheets found in student text

Makes Your Work Simpler

Find answers to worksheet questions easily. No need to guess answers or do personal research for specific answers to problems 

Makes Correcting Work Quicker

Helps you finish correcting your student's work faster. Includes answers for all worksheets which have questions.

Builds Teacher Confidence When Teaching

Teach reading skills more confidently with answers to questions at your fingertips.

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