Teachers, Need a Laughter-filled New Game for Rainy Days

Good Muslim, Good Muslim

Place an empty chair at the front of the class. Face it away from the students. Call a student up to sit in the chair. The student will close his or her eyes. 

Quietly point to another student to tip-toe up to the seated student and whisper "Assalamu Alaikum" in a disguised voice. 

Once the student who whispered, returns to his or her seat, the class will say in unison: 

"Good Muslim

Good Muslim

Sitting in the chair

I want you to guess

Who was there"

After the song has been said, the student seated at the front  of the class will turn to face the class and try to guess who came up. If she guesses it correctly, she gets an additional turn to sit in the seat at the front. If she guesses correctly a third time,  she must pick someone else to sit in the seat (anyone she wants--who has not had a turn to sit in the seat). If she guesses incorrectly, the one who whispered in her ear sits in the seat.